Special Phone Book Entry (SPBE)

Special Phone Book Entries (SPBEs) are chargeable lineage entries that are available in the Business and Residential A-Z sections of The Phone Book. These are purchased by end users when they wish to list a telephone number more than once and exceed their free entitlement of one listing in their home Phone Book.

The types of special phone book entries available to order for your end users include:

Additional entries in a home phone book - Additional entries are available to end users who want to list the same telephone number more than once in their home Phone Book. Each additional listing of a number is chargeable.

Additional entries in other phone books - These should be purchased when an end user wishes to list their telephone number in another Phone Book as well as their listing in the home book. Each additional listing of a number is chargeable.

Bold or Super bold entries - End users can enhance a standard typeface listing in either bold or super bold typeface to help people find their listing easily when searching the Phone Book.

National Entries - This enables an end user to list a number once in all 168 Phone Books at a heavily discounted price. This is available in normal, bold and super bold typeface.

SPBE_WEB - This product enables end users to add their online details to enhance their free listing for a small monthly fee. They can add any two from their website address, Facebook, Twitter or email.

Note: If your end user already has an existing Special Phone Book Entry in the Business A to Z section, their details can be added on-line for free.

Prices for all Special Phone Book Entries can be found here.

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