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The address information you provide will be used by the Police, Fire and Ambulance services, and by BT, to provide the 112/999 service which allows the caller to contact Emergency Services for urgent assistance. It is not an overstatement to say that accurate address information can and does save lives. Ofcom recognises this and is working with industry to monitor this address quality. General Condition 4 refers to the provision of address data to the Emergency Services:

"The Communications Provider shall, to the extent technically feasible, make accurate and reliable Caller Location Information available for all calls to the emergency call numbers '112' and '999', at no charge to the Emergency Organisations handling those calls, at the time the call is answered by those organisations."

When you provide Openreach with a customer's name and address we pass it to BT's 999 Call Handling Service. They in turn use that information to route 999 calls when they are made and to pass the location on to the Emergency Authority (EA). From the emergency services point of view and in rough descending order of importance, the information they need is:

  1. Postcode - this routes the call to the EA serving that geography and is used by the EA to locate the caller
  2. Premises - coupled with the postcode can usually uniquely locate the caller
  3. End User Name for:
    • Consumer -the person most likely to make the call (not always the bill payer). If the address/premise details are wrong, neighbours can help locate by name.
    • Business - the 'name above the shop door' as it's easier to locate the actual 'Company Name' on a retail park than 'Unit 3'.

The End User Name recorded and listed on the Emergency Services Database may be different to the Directory Listing and the two details are separate entries on the input xml provided by a CP when placing an order with Openreach. The separate End User Name you provide is only used to populate the details held on the Emergency Services Database and assist the emergency services with handling 112 and 999 calls effectively.

Please note that it is the CP's responsibility to maintain the accuracy of the address information.

  • For WLR3, Openreach takes responsibility only for passing the address information to the Emergency Services Database
  • For MPF, it is the CP's responsibility to pass the address information to the Emergency Services Database

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