Directory Data Queries

When is a Directory Data Query generated?

Data Queries are raised by downstream licensees who produce directory products such as The Phone Book, Directory Enquiry 118 services etc., to highlight any issues with the data supplied to them. They are generated following an enquiry from either the end customer themselves or a third party (users of directory products). A Data Query is an indication that the data held on the industry directory data base (OSIS DMS) is incorrect, missing or inadequate for the customer and therefore investigation is required.

Importance of addressing Data Queries

It is VERY important that Data Queries are actioned by ALL Openreach Communications Providers (CPs) so that accurate customer data is held and passed onto directory products. The Data Query process benefits both Openreach CPs and downstream licensees, as it ensures a stable and accurate directory database will be maintained. A stable and accurate database is essential to generate confidence for customers to use the directory products.

Data Queries assist Openreach CPs to identify and correct mistakes before they escalate into customer complaints.

Directory and number information


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