WLR3 contracts

Before ordering WLR3 products, you’ll no doubt wish to familiarise yourself with the Contract Definitions (Schedule 1) used in the WLR3 contract. The WLR3 contract is made up of the Contract Conditions (Conditions) governing our business relationships with our customers in relation to WLR3.
The WLR3 service is more particularly described in the Service Schedule (Schedule 2). Schedule 3 Sets out the Service Levels applicable to the service.

Customers that order the WLR3 product from Openreach also need to accept the terms and conditions for Service Products. The prices for the Service Products are set out in the Openreach Price List and are applicable across the Openreach product portfolio, including WLR3.

Proactive SLGs

Service Level Guarantee (SLG)

WLR3 Contract

Release File Name Version Size Issue date Type
N/A BT 3040 WLR3 Conditions 14.0 270kb 05/03/2015
N/A BT 3040a WLR3 schedule 1 definitions - issue 16 16.0 351kb 01/04/2015
N/A BT 3040b WLR3 Schedule 2 Service Schedule - Issue 14 14.0 159kb 05/03/2015
N/A BT 3040a WLR3 Schedule 3 Forecasting Issue 14 14.0 114kb 05/03/2015
N/A BT 3040c WLR3 Schedule 4 Service Levels Issue 15 15.0 346kb 01/04/2015

Contract Changes in notification period

The contract changes shown in the documents below have been notified and will become effective from the dates indicated.

The issue number and text will be reviewed prior to consolidation into the current contract to ensure that the notified text is added sequentially, and adjusted accordingly, with current contract text. When notifications have been made they may not always have included text from other notifications which are still within the notification period.

SLA/SLG Industry Requests Contract Changes Effective From 19 September 2015

Release File Name Version Size Issue date Type
N/A WLR3 Schedule 4 - Service Level Agreement 1.0 437kb 19/08/2015

WLR3 Contract Review Data Protection Changes - Effective From 27 September 2015

Release File Name Version Size Issue date Type
N/A WLR3 Conditions 15.0 4505kb 27/08/2015
N/A WLR3 Schedule 1 Definitions 17.0 87kb 27/08/2015