Full Fibre Infrastructure Build (FFIB)

Full Fibre Infrastructure Build (FFIB) delivers the Openreach fibre network into the sites you need, giving you confidence that these sites are future-proofed and ready for connectivity services from a wide range of Communications Providers.

FFIB terminates on Network Terminating Equipment (NTE) - included in the building. Having FFIB to sites ensures that the same infrastructure is able to carry all available fibre based services from Gigabit capable Broadband, Ethernet and also Optical high bandwidth services.

FFIB is a "passive" fast fibre network build solution - as a local body or private client you can then buy "active" services from your choice of Communications Provider (CP). 

Key benefits:

  • We can give you the full fibre connectivity you want – using our  existing network and ducts - avoiding the need to dig up streets
  • FFIB takes fibre closer to local residents and businesses meaning they can obtain fibre services more easily
  • If you want to keep it simple and cost-effective - it makes sense to work with the established biggest provider of fibre connectivity in Britain - Openreach
  • Once built, our proposition is designed to blend seamlessly with the existing Openreach network offering simplicity for local bodies in terms of ongoing maintenance/upgrades and access to the fullest range of speeds and network products

Exemption on connection charges in areas delivered through FFIB

An exemption of up to £2800 on the first GEA-FTTP or EAD connection charge when ordered following Full Fibre Infrastructure Build (FFIB) network provision. The exemption will either be £2800 where the connection charge is greater or the actual connection charge if less than £2800. Effectively this means:

1) Free GEA-FTTP connection charge on all bandwidths (including 500Mbps and 1Gbps variants);

2) Free standard EAD 100Mbps and 1Gbps connection charge; and

3) A £2800 reduction on EAD 10Gbps connection charges.

The exemption will be applied as a bill rebate in the subsequent period for qualifying orders.

The exemption applies on all EAD product variants (EAD Local Access, EAD Extended Reach, EAD LA Resilient option one and two, EAD SyncE and Phase Synchronisation, EAD Enable, EAD five years and seven years variants) including all special offers on connection charges running at the time when the order is completed.

Further details on the exemption are available on respectively the FTTP and EAD pricing webpage.