Generic Ethernet Access (GEA) Multicast

Generic Ethernet Access (GEA) Multicast is a dynamic point to multipoint network layer service that enables you to deliver IP data streams (typically, but not exclusively, for IPTV traffic) more efficiently to your customers. GEA Multicast is enabled at the NGA head-end/layer 2 switch (L2S) level through a nominated Generic Ethernet Access Cablelink to your customers on both Fibre to the Cabinet and Fibre to the Premises.

Multicasting is the ability to transmit one data stream which is then split into individual streams through the Generic Ethernet Access network for delivery to individual premises. This way, the need to send multiple individual streams across the network to the NGA handover locations is reduced. 

Please note - you will need to have a GEA Cablelink in place at the appropriate point(s) of handover. 

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