Fibre Voice Access (FVA)

Through having an analogue telephony adaptor (ATA) built into the Fibre to the Premises Optical Network Termination device (FTTP ONT) at the customer's premises, Fibre Voice Access enables you to deliver a PSTN quality voice service to your customers over fibre. The analogue telephony adaptor interface can support two analogue telephony ports, so any existing analogue telephony equipment and home wiring can be connected to it. You can choose to use just one, or both of these ports.

Key benefits:

  • Meet your customers' voice needs for the foreseeable future
  • Win more business by developing bundled voice and data products for your customers
  • Configured and activated remotely with a one-day lead-time, where there is an existing FTTP ONT at the premises
  • Minimise your maintenance costs and offer a more reliable service
  • Maintain your competitive edge - meet your customers' future needs with fibre-based services

Important Notice - FVA Withdrawal : 31st March 2020

Openreach will withdraw FVA product from new supply from 31st March 2020 and from this date no more orders will be taken. Any orders submitted that are for standalone FVA provision, or that include FVA as part of a Simultaneous Provide order type (with FTTP) will be rejected.
FVA services that are already in place will continue to be supported, while Openreach work with CPs to migrate end customers away from FVA to an alternative method of supporting voice products.
Once the joint plans are understood and timescales for the migrations are confirmed, the FVA product will be terminated and removed from the Openreach portfolio.

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