Generic Ethernet Access over FTTC (GEA-FTTC)

Generic Ethernet Access over Fibre to the Cabinet (GEA-FTTC) enables you to offer superfast broadband (SFBB) at up to 80/20 Mb/s and multiple-play services to your SME and residential customers. It'll help you meet your customers' broadband needs now and into the future.

Key benefits:

  • Add fibre-based superfast broadband and multiple-play options to your product portfolio
  • Develop new high bandwidth services
  • Add our Managed Install service and provide hassle-free installation of your router and your customer's equipment in a single appointment
  • Win more business through higher speed fibre-based broadband
  • Minimise your maintenance costs and offer a more reliable service
  • Maintain your competitive edge - no matter what your customers need in the future you'll be able to meet their needs with fibre-based services


Information downloads

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Single Order GEA-FTTC consultation

We'd welcome customer comments on our proposal for a Single Oder GEA-FTTC product. Please click on the link below to read the proposal, you will need a portal log-in to access this document.

Exchange roll-out plan

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