Customer Premises Equipment Enablement

Bringing you more choice.

Customer Premises Equipment Enablement (CPE Enablement) allows more choice with respect to the installation of Generic Ethernet Access-Fibre to the Cabinet (GEA-FTTC) service and from 1 April 2016 will be the only method for provision. You will issue your own modem, rather than use the Openreach one. CPE Enablement delivers new options for you to choose when provisioning GEA-FTTC services.

Until 31 March 2016 the two provision options with Openreach modem will continue to be available:

  • Basic Install where our engineer visits the local street cabinet, then your customers premises to install and test up to our modem and
  • Managed Install which includes everything up to the Openreach modem, plus your router and reconnection of one end user computer to prove a working Internet connection. 

From 1 April 2016, there only be these two connection variants, each of which removes the Openreach modem from the equation:

  • PCP Only is a connection variant where our engineer will only do the jumpering activity at the local street cabinet and then close the job, leaving you or your customer to complete the installation in the premises
  • Managed Install without Openreach modem, where our engineer will visit the premises, do everything they would with a managed install today, but plug directly into your integrated device, rather than install an Openreach modem.

We are currently in pilot and will be holding regular review sessions to understand the highlights and lowlights of PCP Only installs. We want you to grow in confidence that we have in place everything we need to support your business needs.

Some of the benefits of CPE for you

Non-appointed service installation - your customers don't need to be home for an engineer visit; they can connect to the service when it is convenient for them.

Choice of service activation timing - you may choose for the GEA-FTTC service to be installed at any time during the day, or choose a more specific time of day for activation.  They may even be able to choose a Saturday service activation date (Saturdays are subject to operational availability; additional charges apply for specific activation timeslots).

No Openreach modem required - your customers benefit from an integrated modem/router designed and managed by you.

Install the service at any point within the premises - although the GEA-FTTC speed may be affected, you and/ or your customers may choose to use microfilters and install their device on any existing extension socket.

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