Ultrafast & Superfast Fibre Access - contracts

Generic ethernet access (GEA) is a bandwidth configurable 'layer 2' active bitstream fast access product that uses fibre to the premises (FTTP) or fibre to the cabinet (FTTC). It provides an 'always on' virtual LAN (VLAN) - a lit fibre connection - from the exchange optical line termination (OLT) device to the optical network termination (ONT) device on the passive optical network (PON) either at the customer's premises (FTTP) or at the street cabinet (FTTC).

GEA-FTTP and GEA-FTTC contractual information

Fibre IRS contractual information

Please note that Fibre IRS is being withdrawn for new supply from 31 July 2019. It will not be available to order after that date.

GEA Ancillary Documents

The ancillary documents can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate link below. Communications Providers will need access to the Openreach Portal. A full list of all ancillary documents can be found at:


Ancillary Document title Location/URL
Bulk Modify Process Description https://www.openreach.co.uk/orpg/home/products/serviceproducts/
Events Charges and TRC document https://www.openreach.co.uk/orpg/customerzone/products/serviceproducts/
Flexible Appointments Product Description https://www.openreach.co.uk/orpg/customerzone/products/serviceproducts/
Forecasting Manual https://www.openreach.co.uk/orpg/home/products/super-fastfibreaccess/contracts/sffacontracts.do
GEA Cablelink Product Description https://www.openreach.co.uk/orpg/customerzone/products/super-fastfibreaccess/cablelink/description/productdescription.do
GEA Cablelink Business Process Document https://www.openreach.co.uk/orpg/customerzone/products/super-fastfibreaccess/cablelink/businessprocess/processdescription.do
GEA-FTTC Product Description https://www.openreach.co.uk/orpg/customerzone/products/super-fastfibreaccess/fibretothecabinet/description/productdescription.do
GEA-FTTP Product Description https://www.openreach.co.uk/orpg/customerzone/products/
GEA-FTTP business process document Openreach reviewing contract drafting and product documentation
Gfast Product Description https://www.openreach.co.uk/orpg/customerzone/products/
BT SIN 498 Link will be provided when SINs complete the ancillary document process
SLG document https://www.openreach.co.uk/orpg/customerzone/products/serviceproducts/

Contract Changes in notification period

The contract changes shown in the documents below have been notified and will become effective from the dates indicated.

The issue number and text will be reviewed prior to consolidation into the current contract to ensure that the notified text is added sequentially, and adjusted accordingly, with current contract text. When notifications have been made they may not always have included text from other notifications which are still within the notification period.