Stand Alone Survey

A Stand Alone Survey can be ordered independently of a provision order enabling you to make better informed and more accurate decisions when bidding for projects. It offers greater certainty around difficult or unknown provisions (e.g. problematic delivery sites or where Excess Construction Charges (ECCs) could be high) and improves decision making and prioritisation. For Ethernet orders the full survey variant can enable the progression of wayleaves - ahead of placing an order

Key benefits:

  • Improves decision making by giving you the information you need to bid for the most profitable work
  • Reduces the risk of under-quoting and avoids the risk of having to ask customers to cover `unexpected costs' later down the line
  • Projects that come in against time and cost projections will result in happier customers who may then put more work your way
  • Be a step ahead by empowering your people to engage earlier in the planning processes, and potentially win business quicker
  • Progress Wayleaves before placing Ethernet product orders

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