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We have a vast range of products and services to help support your business requirements. All of these are designed to meet the needs and aims of your customers, both now and into the future.

We can help make sure you're getting the most out of your existing investments - and put you in a position to take advantage of the very latest communications technology.

Ancillary documents

There are a number of documents that are ancillary to the product contracts, and we are currently running a project to provide clear view of these to customers. This page provides the current baseline list of ancillary documents, the review process, and a feedback link to flag queries on ancillary documents.

Key information

Our Product Portfolio Roadmap has been designed to provide you with the information you need to add value to your services. Access to these areas requires a portal login.

Superfast Fibre Access

We're pumping £3 billion into our network and have already passed well over 27.4 million homes and businesses. Superfast Fibre Access delivers superfast connectivity enabling you to offer your customers multiple play services, including telephony, TV, internet and a growing range of hosted business applications.

Service Products

No matter what you're buying from us, we can help you do more with the products you've got. As well as a vast amount of engineering and project management expertise for you to call on, we have lots of service products to help support your processes, improve efficiencies and take advantage of our reach and resources.

Ethernet Services

If you're creating networks that connect people to systems, it makes sense to use the same internationally-recognised transmission standard from end-to-end. Ethernet is that standard. Offering a wide choice of reliable, high bandwidth circuits, our Ethernet products will help you build and extend data networks for your customers across the UK.

Optical Services

The growth of "data-hungry" applications is presenting an ever increasing challenge to many of our customers. Although services up to and including 1Gbps have done the job so far, the need for multiple 10Gbps circuits is set to increase rapidly over the next five years. Find out why our meticulously designed Optical Spectrum Service solutions could be the answer you're looking for.

Copper access - LLU

Copper is still the backbone of the UK's communications network. Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) enables you to offer a full range of voice and broadband services, without having to route through BT's main network (commonly referred to as the 'local loop', as it goes from telephone exchanges to residential and business premises).

Copper access - WLR3

Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) enables you to offer your own-branded telephony service using our network. WLR3 is the latest development of the WLR portfolio and has been designed to meet the needs of an "always on" digital society.

Duct and Pole Access

Duct and Pole Access, also known as Physical Infrastructure Access (PIA), allows you to share our duct and pole infrastructure to facilitate the deployment of your own next generation access networks. We see this as one way of extending the availability of superfast broadband to a wider range of communities in the UK.

Customer establishment process

We provide full support throughout your establishment journey from commercial engagement, through technical consultancy to supporting you to place your orders on our live systems. You will find information on how to become a new customer or establishment for additional products and services in the links below.

Mandatory non-discrimination KPIs

The mandatory non-discrimination KPIs report covers the performance indicators and volumes and tails KPIs that Ofcom mandated in the Fixed Access Market Review statement of 26 June 2014. These KPIs apply to all of our copper products as well as NGA.

Customer Engagement

For details about how our customers can engage with our product developments and stay aware of other changes that may affect you, please see this guide which describes Industry forums, communications and how to engage in the process.

Generic bill back-up guide

This guide explains the new layouts contained within the generic bill back-up for the products: WLR3, LLU (Room, MPF and Cablelink) and WES-BES, NGA (FTTC, FTTP-BF - Brown Field - FTTP-GF - Green Field - FIRS, GEA Cablelink).

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