WLR Pricing

Prices for Wholesale Access, Wholesale Digital Access, Wholesale ISDN30, Wholesale Calling and Network Features and including WLR Maintenance options.

Local Loop Unbundling Pricing

Prices for LLU Plan & Build, MPF, SMPF and Sub-Loop Unbundling.

Ethernet services

Prices for Wholesale Extension Service & Wholesale End to End Extension Service, Backhaul Extension Service, Backhaul Network Services, Openreach Network Backhaul Services, Cablelink, Street Access, Broadcast Access, CCTV Access, Ethernet Transfer of Service, Optical Spectrum Access, Optical Spectrum Extended Access, Ethernet Backhaul Services, Bulk Transport Link and Ethernet Access Direct.

Service Product Pricing

The Service Products portfolio consists of a range of products and services that are applicable across WLR, LLU, Ethernet and NGA. The portfolio includes Common Portfolio Products, Number Portability, Managed End User Reappointment Service, Events and Exhibitions Day Rate Charges, Novation Charges, Project Services and Engineering services.

Superfast and Ultrafast Fibre Access

Prices for Generic Ethernet Acces Fibre to the Premises Products, Fibre Integrated Reception System and Generic Ethernet Access Fibre to the Cabinet products.

Physical Infrastructure Pricing

Physical Infrastructure Products including duct and pole rental products, ancillary rentals, ancillary activities, new build products and cessation/cancellation products.

Trial and Pre Launch Prices

Trial and Pre Launch Prices

Special Offers

Details of current special offers

Dark Fibre X

Prices for Dark Fibre X

Current Pricing Notifications

Advance notice of future price changes.

Price Notification Archive

Archive of previously implemented price notifications

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