Optical Spectrum Extended Access

Ciena 6500 Ciena 6500 Ciena 6500 Ciena

Optical Spectrum Extended Access (OSEA) offers secure, high bandwidth connections using Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology. The recent launch of the Ciena 6500 product into this portfolio enables us to support coherent 40Gbps and 100Gbps interfaces - allowing for delivery of up to ten times more traffic capacity than before.

The Ciena 6500 is ideal for customers seeking multiple 10Gbps applications, cost efficient long distance services and ultra-low latency. It also provides a more efficient way to connect multiple sites, has no distance limitations and enables enterprises and datacentre hosting companies to offer a deeper range of services and applications.

 Generic OSEA benefits:

  • 2.5 and 10Gbps bandwidths supported
  • Point-to-point, ring or chain configuration options
  • Dedicated fibre for high data security and guaranteed service quality
  • Customisable solutions with wide choice of service interface options
  • Easy and cost effective to add more wavelengths
  • Excellent track record for on time delivery
  • All solutions designed by experts who understand our networks inside-out.

Additional Ciena 6500 benefits:

  • 40Gbps and 100Gbps bandwidths supported
  • Flexible ‘per wavelength’ routing (via new Ciena 6500 ROADM chain configuration)
  • No distance limitations
  • Choice of four chassis types
  • Ultra-low latency option
  • Offers simple bookend solutions and ‘friendly’ alien wavelengths.

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Our suppliers

Quality of network equipment is vital in the Optical space and Openreach only works with suppliers who demonstrate leadership in their field. OSEA equipment is supplied by Ciena.

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