Single Order Transitional Access Product (SOTAP) will deliver a copper path between the Network Terminating Equipment (NTE)at the end customer's premises and a main distribution or jumper frame at the exchange that connects to the SOTAP CP's exchange infrastructure, over which you can provide broadband and Internet Protocol (IP) voice services. It is a new product being developed to facilitate the withdrawal of Wholesale Line Rental (WLR). To consume SOTAP you will either need a Point of Presence in the telephone exchange based on LLU infrastructure or you will need to consume the product via a wholesaler who is offering SOTAP in the relevant geographical area.

It is anticipated that SOTAP will be fully launched by September 2021, with a pilot in East Anglia targeted at April 2021.

Key benefits:

  • Facilitates a smooth migration journey from WLR because in the majority of cases (where LLU Shared Metallic Path Facility (SMPF) already exists on the line) no physical engineering activities will be required as SOTAP is intended to reuse the LLU SMPF exchange equipment.
  • Enables national availability, outside of the Openreach fibre coverage area, of a Copper Access product.

Supporting documents

Release File Name Version Size Issue date File Type
N/A Single order transitional access product outline scope 3.0 395 KB 23/06/2020
N/A Introduction of SOTAP 1.0 155 KB 06/06/2019