Street Access

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Our standard Street Access product delivers bandwidth from a local exchange to terminating units in remote street furniture, such as lampposts or street cabinets. Once in place you can connect low-powered radio transmitters and provide wireless networks in urban areas, public information points - such as cinema listings and parking information - connectivity at popular events and remote telemetry such as traffic congestion monitoring.

Key benefits:

  • Delivers reliable 100Mbps bandwidth to outdoor environments
  • NTE that is tough enough to withstand a wide range of temperature and weather conditions
  • Delivers connectivity 'on the go' and enables wireless network coverage in urban areas
  • Offers robust wireless connectivity at popular events such sports and music festivals.

A 1Gbps Street Access product is also available.  This is most suitable for use on temporary events such as exhibitions, and outside broadcasts. It consists of a remote NTE which is housed within a customer's mobile vehicle and connected via an armoured fibre cable to the customer’s street cabinet for the duration of an event. The ability to terminate in a customer's mobile vehicle instead of street furniture makes it even more flexible.

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