Specialist Access Services

Our specialist access services provide a strong reliable connection for all your business needs. We cover Street, Broadcast and CCTV access to deliver a high quality connection where you need it most.

Information downloads

Visit the Customer Information Zone for CP briefings, industry events, fact sheets, videos, case studies and other resources relating to our products, services and solutions.

Access Locate

Find out more about LLU Plan & Build products including Access Locate and Co-mingling.

CCTV Access

CCTV Access provides high quality video connections between remote CCTV camera locations and a central CCTV control room.

Street Access

Our standard Street Access product delivers bandwidth from a local exchange to terminating units in remote street furniture, such as lampposts or street cabinets.

Broadcast access

Broadcast Access delivers video broadcast connectivity over our fibre network using recognised video transmission standards. It supports video conferencing, video transmission for popular live events and the streaming of video and media content to TV studios or post-production locations.