EMP consumption

The Equivalence Management Platform (EMP) is at the heart of our business. Built into the core of its processes is the principle of equal access for all of our customers. It's the system our customers use to manage the products and services we provide. And it enables our customers to interact with us through a simple set of user interfaces.

As well as offering support for all of our product sets, the EMP provides:

  • future-proofing to allow rapid new product creation
  • process transformation and optimisation for both Openreach and its customers
  • a consistent interface for all our services
  • a high level of automation to help reduce costs
  • a hugely scalable environment

EMP release changes

EMP was first established in 2006 and there has been a rolling cycle of upgrades and enhancements since its launch. These releases deliver functional changes and simplified processes to help you to meet your ever-changing business needs.