Duct and Pole sharing

Duct and Pole Sharing

Physical Infrastructure Access (PIA) provides the ability for you to share Openreach's duct and pole infrastructure in our access network so that you may deploy your next generation access networks in order to offer superfast broadband and telephony services to your customers.

PIA consists primarily of duct and pole sharing:

Duct sharing

With the duct sharing product, BT grants a licence for you to install sub duct in our access duct within which you can install your cable.

Pole sharing

With the pole sharing product, BT grants you a licence for you to attach and maintain equipment on our existing Openreach owned poles. All work must be done in compliance with specified engineering rules and health and safety standards but it is a much more critical requirement for poles.

Key benefits of both duct sharing and pole sharing:

Both duct sharing and pole sharing are part of the many things we are doing to underpin the UK digital economy vision.

Specifically for our customers who wish to build their own NGA network, we are working with them and other parties to offer access to our ducts and poles.

We think that if other network owners do the same with their infrastructure and offer a range of innovative "virtually unbundled" and open access wholesale products like GEA as we do, it will assist in getting super-fast broadband to all communities in the United Kingdom.

Public Funded Broadband projects

For more information on PIA and publicly funded broadband projects, please see the industry briefing in the Literature section below