Physical Infrastructure Access

Physical Infrastructure Access

Our Physical Infrastructure Access (PIA) portfolio lets you share our existing duct and pole infrastructure, within our physical infrastructure. PIA may only be used to provide Public Electronic Communications Services and / or Public Electronic Communications Network as set out in Ofcom’s statement in June 2019.

Physical Infrastructure Access (PIA)

PIA is the principle product within our DPA portfolio and consists primarily of duct and pole sharing.

Duct Infrastructure

With the duct infrastructure product, BT grants a licence for you to install sub duct or cable in our access duct.

Pole Infrastructure

With the pole infrastructure product, BT grants you a licence for you to attach and maintain equipment on our existing owned poles. All work must be done in compliance with specified engineering rules and health and safety standards but it is a much more critical requirement for poles.

Key benefits of PIA:

  • National availability: Our infrastructure covers the length and breadth of the country enabling Communications Providers (CPs) to choose the geographies that best suit their network roll out plans.
  • Save time: As our infrastructure already exists, CPs will be able to build and expand their fibre network in far quicker timescales than if building from scratch.


PIA Final Reference Offer

In line with Ofcom's 'Wholesale Local Access Market Review' final statement published on 28 March 2018, Openreach is required to publish a final reference offer for its Physical Infrastructure Access(PIA) product by 1st April 2019.This can be found at:

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