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Some of you may want to see the weekly summary of customer briefings. Some of you may not. The same holds true for all the other stuff we do. You don't want to know everything about everything all of the time. But you do want to be kept up to date with information that's important to you and your relationships with your customers. 

That's what Really Simple Syndication (RSS) or news feeds are all about. You subscribe to the Openreach news feeds you want delivered to your browser, news reader, or Outlook email account. RSS does the rest automatically, and will create your news feed from your preferences.

As a result, we'll no longer be 'pushing' you information that you don't really want. Instead, you'll be 'pulling' the information you really do want from us.

Getting started

Customer briefings, KPIs and information in the Customer IT zone are just some of the Openreach news feeds you can subscribe to, there are many more. Here's how to get started if you want updates sent to your browser:

  1.  icon directly below the navigation bar on the right-hand side, you'll know we have a news feed for it
  2. Click on the  icon and a pop-up window will display a short message and ask you if want to subscribe to the feed
  3. Click on the words Subscribe to this feed in the pop-up window
  4. A second pop-up window will ask you if you want to give the feed an easy to remember name and add it your list of browser Favourites. Do that and you're done!

From then on, whenever we update subject matter on the website that you've indicated an interest in, a link will automatically be added to the Favourites list in your browser. Click on that link and you're there!

You can also configure the news reader to send a pop-up message to your system tray or taskbar – just like you would get a new email notification – as soon as it's available. Click on the news headline for a short description, or on the text underneath it to view the entire update in your browser. 

At Openreach we prefer to use Outlook to receive our news feeds. You can add Openreach news feeds to Outlook by copying and pasting the link to the feed that interests you into the RSS section of your email account. Precise instructions on how to do this are in the Quick start guide below.

NB: Browser favourites and news readers will display around two weeks' worth of Openreach RSS feeds. Outlook allows you to delete them as and when you want to.



How to set up news feeds

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