Customer Test Facilities

We offer our Customer Test Facilities for you to test your systems and networks when you are establishing or upgrading to consume Openreach products and services from Equivalence Management Platform (EMP).

The benefit of testing is to:

  • To gain experience of the our network and Equivalence Management Platform (EMP)
  • To test the interoperability of your network, devices and IT solutions with EMP
  • To help resolve network and OSS issues
  • To help you develop new products
  • To test your end to end journeys

Our Customer Development Services team support Communications Providers (CPs) through establishment, upgrades, regression and CP release testing.

The team also provide relevant test material and support in the management of defects and issues raised during testing.

For further information about individual test facilities, please see below.

Customer Verification Facility (CVF)

CVF is used to test new or existing functionality between your own Operational Support Systems (OSS) and the our EMP Platform, with a like-for-like experience of most EMP functionality. This will give you the confidence that your systems can work with ours, and enable you to trial new EMP releases before deployment to the live environments.

NGA Flight Cases

NGA Flight Cases provide a "network in a box" facility which simulate the Openreach FTTC (part fibre, part copper infrastructure) and the FTTP (pure fibre infrastructure) networks. They are delivered to your premises, allowing you to test interoperability between your network and the our access network. They also allow you to test your customer premises equipment (CPE) for FTTC, FTTP, FVA, Multicast and CPE Enablement. The use of a Flight Case is strongly recommended for all Next Generation Access CPs.

NGA Network Test Facilities

There are two NGA network test rooms, one in Swansea Exchange and on in Adastral Park. These facilities in are designed so that you can experience the order journey and then carry out end to end network test on the live network. The Adastral Park Facility is primarily for CPE Enablement testing and also allows testing of the live+1 network release, when it is available.