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Who we work with

Openreach provides Communications Providers with equal access to the local access network the wires and fibres that connect tens of millions of homes and businesses to local telephone exchanges. This network is one of the UK s most important assets.

In fact, we are required only to deal with Communications Providers  these are the companies that provide their own customers with telephone, internet, and more recently television services to their home or business.

Communications Providers must comply with the Communications Act 2003, as well as the General Conditions of Entitlement (available here). Communication Providers are regulated by the Office for Communications (Ofcom).

Getting set up to work with Openreach

If you are a Communications Provider who would like to use Openreach's products and services, we will help you through the Customer Establishment process. This will involve a number of activities including regulatory and commercial requirements, product familiarisation and connecting to Openreach's platforms. For further details on the Customer Establishment process, click on the following link: Customer Establishment process.

To become a new customer of Openreach or if you are an existing customer who want to add products or services to your portfolio please read the Openreach Credit Vetting Policy.

To start this process please email the Customer Establishment team:

Important: Non establishment enquiries are not/ will not be managed by this group mailbox.

Change of WLR3 Third Party Integrator

The Customer Establishment team will support existing WLR3 customers who want to change their Third Party Integrator (TPI) or change from a Business to Business gateway connection to a TPI. If Customers Providers have completed Customer Establishment there is a fixed charge; details can be found on the Openreach price list under - Assisted change of a WLR3 TPI. The charge will be incorporated into the Customer Providers' bill after completion of the TPI change. For more detail on the Change of WLR3 Third Party Integrator see the process document here. Customer Providers who intend to change their TPI should send their request by email to -

Which Internet browsers can you use?

To access and place orders and faults onto EMP via the Openreach Portal, you will need to use a compatible internet browser. This matrix will provide you with a guide to the internet browsers and versions that are supported with the Openreach Portal and Seibel version.

Openreach portal internet browser compatibility matrix

Customer test services


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