Locating our network

Register for maps by email

Our Maps by Email (MBE) service is the quickest and easiest way of tracing the approximate whereabouts of Openreach plant equipment before you start digging – especially if you need to locate our network on a regular basis.

Download the maps by email application form so you can register for this password-protected service.

You can visit our dedicated maps by email microsite and read full instructions of how to use this service. You may also find the frequently asked questions (FAQs) below useful.

The MBE service runs between 7.30am and 6pm, Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays. You can also access the service during weekends unless there is routine maintenance scheduled for the site. Please note, however, that the system is unsupported outside normal working hours.

Go to maps by email website

Maps by email FAQs

  1. Why should I use the MBE service?
    It's the quickest and easiest way of finding out the approximate whereabouts of Openreach plant in advance of excavation works. 
  2. How do I access the MBE service?
    You will need to apply for a password by completing the application form above and emailing it back to stoke.incoming.notices@openreach.co.uk. You can have as many passwords as you need for your company. However, the user IDs and passwords are unique to individuals and should not be shared. You can add new users any time.
  3. How much does it cost to access the MBE service?
    There is a set annual charge for support and administration. Please contact stoke.incoming.notices@openreach.co.uk for details.
  4. What happens if I have problems using the service?
    Contact our experienced Help Desk stoke.incoming.notices@openreach.co.uk
  5. Can I use MBE and still send enquiries by fax or post?
    No, the MBE Service supersedes the fax and postal systems for registered users, except where large areas are involved (please see following response).
  6. What if my proposed location area is too big for MBE to cover?
    Any road longer than one kilometre, or an area larger than 500 square metres, will not be suitable for MBE. In this instance, you will need to email your enquiry to the National Notice Handling Centre, nnhc@openreach.co.uk marked 'Not Suitable For MBE'. The Centre will send you the information you need as quickly as possible.
  7. How do I know if our computers can access the website?
    Most standard PCs will be able to gain access. If in doubt, ask the Help Desk for an information pack which gives the minimum specifications required on PCs and Macs.