Developers, contractors and architects

Altering our network for your proposed development

As a builder, developer, architect, consultant or contractor, it's important you notify us first before starting work on your project to avoid causing any unlawful network damage that you'll be liable to pay for.

Contact your local Openreach Network Alterations Team with details of your proposed development  and we'll investigate whether any alteration work is likely. We'll tell you the results of our investigation (including estimated costs where necessary) and outline what happens next usually within 20 working days.

We can also provide a consultancy service on a chargeable basis, where information is required at the feasibility stage of a project proposal. Information or advice provided by us at an early stage may reduce or avoid costly diversions later on. This normally takes up to 25 working days to complete from the date we receive your order and payment.

For your information, the costings and associated information provided are based on the principles of The New Roads and Streetworks Act 1991. Because alterations to BT apparatus has resulted from proposed improvement of the land under Paragraph 20 of the Electronic Communications Code (“The Code”) Schedule 2 of the Telecommunications Act 1984 as amended by the Communications Act 2003, BT will recover all expenses associated with alterations work required.

To find the nearest Network Alterations Team to your proposed development, click here.

Please note if you are only carrying out demolition works and/or require the isolation of network apparatus known to be redundant on your site, you need to get in touch with our External Network Relocation Team here.