Our organisation

Openreach has around 32,000 people installing, supporting and maintaining the wiring, fibres and connections which link tens of millions of homes and businesses in Britain to our customers' networks.  Openreach consists of four main areas:

Service Management
A very diverse part of Openreach with a real focus on customers.  We have around 1660 people, including 264 managers, based across the UK. We also have an offshore team based in Pune, India.

Our Customer Service Centres (CSCs) and Diagnostic Centre of Excellence (DCoE)

  • manage around 60,000 customer calls and 32,000 calls from our engineers every week
  • proactively find faults using desk based diagnostics, remote coaching and specialist services enabling us to identify and fix issues before our customers notice them
  • maintain the Ethernet and Next Generation Access (NGA) networks and
  • work with our customers to help them to plan, build, project manage and develop their own infrastructure.

Service Delivery

Our teams are responsible for the nation's local access network - sometimes referred to as the 'first mile' - from the exchange through to homes and businesses.  We have around 16,700 people, including 1,135 managers.

Our engineers:

  • visit around 29,500 homes and offices every weekday on behalf of our customers - that’s 7.7 million visits a year to install new lines, fix faults and upgrade line plant
  • make 80,800 provision visits on copper, fibre and TV and manage 90,000 repairs to our copper, fibre and broadband networks every week
  • remove around 40,000 cable connections from our exchanges – and provide another 75,000 - every day
  • deliver super-fast connectivity that revolutionises people’s lives and businesses.

Network Investment

We're at the heart of Openreach and provide the network Infrastructure that delivers our products and services. Our core activities include all of Openreach’s capital programmes, Ethernet, Heavy Cable Recovery, Pole Testing, Repayments/Wayleaves and Field Build and Planning.  We have around 12,130 people, including 1,100 managers.

Every week we:

  • deal with 650 Network break downs due to damage, theft and weather
  • test 12,000 poles and replace 920
  • reduce faults in the network by replacing 85 cables and street cabinets
  • fix 100 low wires
  • provide around 300 services over Copper and 1,000 Ethernet circuits
  • connect another 3,000 newsite plots to our network and
  • bring Superfast Fibre Broadband within reach of another 100,000 homes.


We have around 1,520 people, including 972 managers, in headquarters.  These include the Executive management team, who lead Openreach, and teams covering the central functions of: Sales, Marketing and Customer Engagement; Legal, Risk and Equivalence; Finance; Strategy, Commercial, Portfolio and Policy; Human Resources, Learning and Development; Transformation and Openreach CIO.