Our organisation

Openreach, part of BT Group, looks after the local access network - the fibres, wires and cables that connect tens of millions of homes and businesses to phone, broadband, data and TV services. We have over 30,000 people installing, supporting and maintaining the network and working on behalf of the nation's communications service providers (the companies that supply phone and broadband to people at home or work) to keep the country connected.

We're currently building a multi-billion pound superfast fibre network that’s transforming Britain's broadband speeds, providing well over 26.5 million premises with access to superfast fibre. In fact, our deployment is one of the fastest anywhere in the world.

Openreach is made up of four main areas.

Service Delivery
Our 18,000-strong Service Delivery team is responsible for the UK's local access network - sometimes referred to as the 'last mile' - from the telephone exchange through to homes and businesses.

Our engineers:

  • will complete 6.8m provision and repair jobs in 2016/17 at homes and businesses across the UK as well as carrying out 2.7m cabinet-only jobs (Fibre To The Cabinet Self Install). That’s 9.5m unique field visits for the year (or well over 25,000 every day!)
  • complete 95,400 provision jobs on copper, fibre and TV and complete 87,400 repair jobs to our copper, fibre and broadband networks every week
  • provide 101,600 new connections and remove 5,700 cable connections ('jumpers') from our exchanges every week
  • deliver superfast connectivity that revolutionises people's lives and businesses.

Infrastructure Delivery
Our Infrastructure Delivery team is at the heart of Openreach, providing and maintaining the core network and infrastructure that supports our products and services.  Giving our customers what they need, when they need it. Our 6,000 strong engineering team day in, day out build Britain’s connected future.

The team: 

  • build the core and fibre network that connects the UK.
  • work with our partners to extend the Broadband Delivery UK fibre network into rural areas to reach even more customers
  • every week connect another 2,500 new site plots to our network and our ambition is for all new property developments to have a fibre broadband solution from us
  • are involved in network restructuring and major civil engineering projects every week
  • maintain our network and keep it safe. We test 9,000 poles and replace 500 every week
  • look after millions of network records, cherishing years and years of engineering history.

Business and Corporate Delivery
Business and Corporate Delivery is a critical business unit within Openreach responsible for assisting Communications Providers to deliver connectivity and service to small and large businesses.

With around 4,500 people, our teams use innovative industry-leading engineering tools and solutions to keep buinesses across the UK connected so they can run their operations every day.  We play an instrumental role in helping businesses to extend their own reach and grow their own enterprises.

Our engineers are experts in the latest fibre technologies and our teams are spread across the UK and vary in role from:

  • highly trained and accredited switch engineers who install and repair fibre based services, such as Ethernet and Optical wavelengths, and build network on demand, to
  • desk-based teams who keep jobs fluid, and
  • planners designing the circuits.

We have around 1,500 people in headquarters.  These include the Executive management team, who lead Openreach, and teams covering the central functions of:  Finance; Legal, Risk and Equivalence, Human Resources; Infrastructure Delivery; Communications & Public Affairs and Openreach Chief Information Officer. Our registered office is:

British Telecommunications plc
81 Newgate Street
London EC1A 7AJ
Registered in England and Wales No. 1800000