What we tell our engineers

You own the relationship with your customers. So when one of our engineers visits your customers' homes and businesses, they are representing you as well as Openreach.

To make sure that our engineers say and do the right thing, we've given them some straightforward Do's and Don'ts that we reinforce through regular training, booklets and emails:


  • use the Openreach and CP name when you introduce yourself to an end user
  • check the "Additional Customer Details" screen on your laptop before you visit the end user to look for reseller IDs or other important notes that have been added by the CP
  • act professionally and impartially when representing a CP
  • ask the end user to contact their CP if they want to know the charge for a service
  • keep job notes clear and factual.


  • recommend the products and services of any CP
  • make negative or derogatory comments about any CP
  • get involved in pricing discussions with end users
  • give end users the Openreach website for pricing information. These prices are the wholesale prices that we charge CPs, not end users.

The main thing we ask engineers to keep in mind is the need to remain neutral when asked anything about a CP and not to enter into any discussions about pricing with the end user.

If you have any questions about engineers visiting your customers, even just to check your understanding, contact the Business Integrity team