Equal Treatment

In March 2017, BT reached a voluntary agreement with Ofcom regarding the Digital Communications Review (DCR). This confirmed that Openreach would be set up as Openreach Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary within the BT Group.

As part of the DCR agreement, BT gave Ofcom a set of Commitments to strengthen the independence of Openreach. The Commitments cover how Openreach will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of BT, how we'll work with customers and how we'll work with colleagues in BT Group.

One of our Commitments is to treat all Communication Providers (CPs) equally. Whether we're developing products, agreeing our Annual Operating Plan, making investment decisions, consulting with customers or doing anything that has a customer impact, we do this in a way that's fair to all customers, in an objective and not unduly discriminatory way. We will also continue to provide SMP products on an EoI basis, where applicable, which means that every CP has the same product or service provided on the same timescales, terms and conditions (including price and service levels) by means of the same systems and processes.

More about our Commitments…

Why do the Commitments matter?

  • Be a wholly-owned subsidiary of BT, with an independent board to run the company
  • Treat all customers equally
  • Be more independent in setting our strategy and in our decision making
  • Have a new brand that doesn't mention BT
  • Have a customer confidential phase for significant investments
  • Be transparent in our dealings with BT and disclose any significant information we share
  • Sharing information – we are obliged to share commercial information (CI) about things such as product launches with all CPs in the same way to ensure that no-one gains a commercial advantage
  • Protecting your information – we have a duty to ensure that your customer confidential information (CCI) is protected, and is not shared inappropriately
  • Incentivisation – Openreach people have a Scorecard which reflects solely the objectives of Openreach which reflects our commitment to treat customers equally