Openreach provides products and services to communication providers (CPs) on an "equivalent" basis.  This obligation is embodied in the BT Undertakings given to the telecoms regulator Ofcom in September 2005.

These Undertakings state that we will provide the same products and services to ALL of our customers on the basis of "Equivalence of Inputs", which means (subject to some limited exceptions):

  • at the same prices
  • using the same processes
  • to the same timescales

We provide different service levels at different prices and Service Level Guarantees, but these are the same for all CPs.

Who checks everything is equivalent?

The Business Integrity team is responsible for ensuring that all Openreach people understand their regulatory obligations and that, as an organisation, our processes and systems enable each and every one of us to comply with them.

The team has a wide remit, which ranges from proactively managing regulatory compliance issues and ensuring the right frameworks are in place to producing meaningful measures which provide peace of mind for the industry that we are acting in an equivalent manner.

The team also runs a customer engagement programme that gathers feedback from CPs and manages the Equality of Access Board and Office whose job it is to monitor BT’s compliance with the Undertakings. The other part of its job is to advise the business on how to deliver products equivalently and actively engage with compliance colleagues across BT.