NGA2024/21 FTTP on Demand near network commercial trial


For information

This briefing is for all Communications Providers (CPs).

This briefing is to inform CPs that Openreach is launching a “FTTP on Demand near network” commercial trial which will run for 6 months starting 01/12/2021 until 31/05/2022 inclusive. 

Under the trial, CPs will be charged a fixed price for the FTTP on Demand (FOD) build.  In order to qualify for the trial, orders will need to meet qualifying criteria for ‘near network’ build, i.e. where existing FTTP network is nearby for the FOD build (see further below on eligibility criteria).

For eligible orders, the FOD build charge under the trial will be set at:

  • £1,625 where a splitter exists, but a connectorised block terminal (CBT) needs to be built
  • £2,650 where a new splitter build is required, as well as the CBT build

Orders not meeting the qualifying criteria will progress at the standard FOD build charge.

All CP orders will follow the existing FOD provision order journey.  Overall FOD order capacity is unchanged.

Following notification of the build charge, CPs can choose to proceed or cancel the order (see section 5.1.5 of the price list for the FOD survey and design charge, and the cancellation charge policy).

If the order is eligible and qualifies for the ‘near network’ build criteria, the FOD build charge exemption per PON will not be applied to the fixed build charge.

As with standard FOD orders, the FOD build may result in additional premises being enabled to use FTTP nearby, served by the same CBT.  In which case, the exemption per premises passed by PON will not be applied to the fixed build charge.

Eligibility for the commercial trial and fixed build charge

FOD orders received and acknowledged with a KCI1 date between 01/12/2021 and 31/05/2022 inclusive.

Eligibility of an order for the trial will be determined by the Openreach planning process following completion of the standard FOD site survey and communicated to the relevant CP in a note provided with the build charge notification.

Qualifying criteria for FOD orders within the trial will be based on specific network conditions and are as follows:

  • Head end capacity and spine capacity exists
  • Distance from either the planned NGA aggregation node or an existing FTTP splitter to the target FOD end customer premises is 500m or less


  • Multi-Dwelling Unit, Multi-Occupancy Unit and FOD ‘cluster’ orders
  • Orders requiring civils work or presenting DIG (direct in ground) infrastructure
  • Orders requiring significant internal work as part of the ONT installation (e.g. greater than 30m reach internal wiring) will not qualify for the trial

Price List:

This briefing supports price list notification ACCN OR741

FOD price list – section 5.1.5:

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