Risk assessment and method statement

27 Nov 2021

We offer two types of risk assessment and method statement: generic and site specific. You should agree which one you need for each site with your customer.

Generic risk assessment and method statement (GRAMS) 

A GRAMS includes our safety policy, procedures, accreditations, safety performance and insurance certificates. It also has our safety task statements, which include risk assessments for our engineering tasks. This generic statement often has everything your customer needs to plan an engineering visit. You can download our GRAMS from the process document section below.

Site specific risk assessment and method statement (SSRAMS)

We carry out a SSRAMS before our engineers start work on a site. We’ll come to the site first to document what we’ll need to do during the engineering appointment. As well as everything in the GRAMS, the SSRAMS also includes site-specific information like notes and photos to help the engineers on the day. 

If you need a SSRAMS for more than one order at the same premises, you only need to send one SSRAMS request – but please list the orders in the notes section.

Please confirm your customer needs a SSRAMS visit before you order to avoid unnecessary charges. 


We charge SSRAMS at our time related charges (TRC) rates.

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