A new EAD 10Mbit/s and 100Mbit/s Extended Reach product from Openreach

Now we offer almost double the radial distance on our EAD circuits than any other provider in the UK

We've introduced an increased radial distance variant of our EAD 10Mbit/s and 100Mbit/s products. While we were at it, we also increased the radial distance of our 1Gbit/s circuits.

Not only does this improve our strength as a national provider within the UK Ethernet market, but provides fantastic opportunities for CPs of all sizes to grow their business. Now you can deliver services at a full range of bandwidths over much longer distances:

  • Design your networks with much greater flexibility
  • Extend your networks and unbundle new remote sites
  • Increase order conversion and reduce cancellations
  • Support your public sector bid opportunities with IL2 compliance
  • Deliver resilient (RO2) services where the second fibre route distance goes beyond 44km.
  • Increase your market- connect more customers, especially where network reach is an issue

Comparison against standard product below:

  Standard Products Extended Reach Products
Bandwidth Radial Distance Route Distance Radial Distance Route Distance
EAD 10mbit/s 25km 40km 45km 86km
EAD 100Mbit/s 25km 40km 45km 86km
EAD 1G 25km 40km 45km (from 35km) 86km

Our EAD 10mbit/s and EAD 100mbit/s extended reach products are only available via our Equivalence Management Platform. This is designed to:

  • Improve your ability to consume our Ethernet products in volume
  • Save you time due to the enhanced validation criteria which reduces the number of orders with errors entering Openreach
  • Prioritises workflow to help us meet your requirements when you need them
  • Enhance the overall order journey experience

If you are interested in EAD Extended Reach please contact your Sales & Relationship Manager for more details.