Ethernet Access Direct

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Ethernet Access Direct (EAD) provides point-to-point data connectivity between sites. It can be used to build and extend customer networks, develop new infrastructure, and meet low-capacity backhaul requirements (ie up to 1Gb, which is the starting bandwidth for Ethernet Backhaul Direct). EAD supports a range of requirements including cloud computing, simultaneous online pupil access in classrooms and storage area network connectivity.

Key benefits:

  • Powerful diagnostics give you the ability to test your own circuits and benefit from faster repair
  • Competitive rental and contract terms
  • Resilience Option 1 'in the box' offering  a choice of affordable protection against fibre breaks and unforeseen issues
  • All EAD variants meet the security standards required to support government network bids (IL2)
  • The focus of future Openreach innovation and pricing initiatives.

News and offers

We have some significant price reductions and special offers available on our Ethernet portfolio. The best way to find out about the latest news and offers on our fibre portfolio is to visit Fibre for Business zone.

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Download the fact sheets to see how Ethernet access direct can help you meet your customers' needs.

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